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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Verbs with Prepositions
arbeiten an + dative                     to work on
erzählen von + dative                   to talk about
fahren mit + dative                       to go (by means of)
haben Angst vor + dative             to be afraid of
helfen bei + dative                        to help with
halten von + dative                       to think of, to value
handeln von + dative                    to deal with
träumen von + dative                   to dream of
denken an + accusative                to think of
lachen über + accusative              to laugh about
lesen über + accusative                to read about
nachdenken über + accusative     to think about
schreiben an + accusative            to write to
schreiben über + accusative         to write about
sprechen über + accusative          to talk about
warten auf + accusative               to wait for
bitten um + accusative                 to ask for
glauben an + accusative               to believe in
sorgen für + accusative                to care for